One of the first things you created was a bubble.  Bubbles have followed us through our lives - enchanting and mesmerizing, connecting us to the sky. Dreaming together.  Bubbles float into our lives at amazing moments: Past...Present...Future.  When you imagine that moment, you chose a bubble to live in.

We created fragrance bubbles so that you can have fun with fragrance; to spotlight a collection that reflects

your moods, lifestyles, and dreams; to innovate scents so light that they just tease the air around you and others; and to float you into slow motion with your first spray.


All of our fragrances will be cruelty-free, and contain no parabens and phthalates. Because, after all, planet earth is our bubble.

Our fragrance bubbles are Ageless....Genderless...Boundless





After collaborating  with some of the world's most iconic fashion designers and perfumers at Perkon NYC for over two decades, it is only natural that the creative team of Perris & Cole transform all their knowledge and dreams about fragrances into a reality.


Michael Perris - a filmmaker, artist, equestrian and style philosopher podcaster - began his career in the 80’s when video exploded into the zeitgeist of marketing. His love of style and marketing landed him a position at Polo Ralph Lauren.  Working with Mr. Lauren, he created and oversaw the Media Services department. While at Polo, Michael collaborated with L’Oreal, the fragrance licensee, on several of the brand’s early successes.  


Gregory Cole - a luxury marketer, actor-model-playwright, and award-winning  natural bodybuilder  - sought the world of bespoke menswear and luxury goods when he moved to New York City in the early 90’s. His passion for fragrances began when he oversaw the successful North American launch of Alfred Dunhill’s EDITION FOR MEN. Later, he specialized in youth-market branding, working on such fragrances as RALPH BY RALPH LAUREN and KATY PERRY'S INDI.


The creative team of Perris and Cole kicked off in the late 90’s when they came up with the visual concept, as well as directed a film, for ROMANCE BY RALPH LAUREN - the designer’s biggest blockbuster. As a result, the team of Perris and Cole became a sought-after name in the fragrance community. They went on to collaborate, develop, and direct concepts and brands that are among the industry’s biggest successes. Tom Ford, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs are just some of the many legendary niche and prestige fragrances that are among the Perris and Cole stellar portfolio.


Now, Perris and Cole, these seekers of new experiences and advocates for celebrating life’s moments, have embarked on THE BUBBLE COLLECTION.




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2020 The Bubble Collection 

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